Thinking About Writing An Ebook But Your Hesitating


Perhaps you have written several ebooks, and are thinking about writing another, but are hesitating because you remember the time it took to write the first one.  Or maybe you have never written an ebook because you feel overwhelmed by the task. You think it would take months or years, and you simply aren’t sure where to begin.

Regardless of the category you fall into, I challenge you to try this method.  It will quickly and easily produce for you a quality product in an amazingly short period of time.

Follow these steps:

1)  Decide on your topic.  If you already know, skip this step.  If not, write down a list of all the things you know enough about to teach someone else, and that you have the willingness to learn some more about.

Take that list to a keyword inventory tool like the one Overture uses, and find out which of your topics gets a high number of keyword searches online.  Narrow this list down to about two or three possible topics that get a lot of searches.

Next, search for forums online that are related to these topics and spend some time reading the posts.  You should very quickly be able to discern where the most interest lies.

Then, make a decision! You can always write the other ebook later! Indecision is one of the great limiting factors online.

2)  Write a list of twenty topics that are related to your main topic.  These will be your chapters.

3)  Write a list of 10 ideas related to each of your topics (so you will have a total of 200 ideas, 10 for each topic).

4)  Begin writing.  Simply write 1-3 paragraphs about each of the ideas you listed in step 3.

5)  When you are finished writing on each of these topics, organize them and make sure that they flow naturally from one idea to another.

6)  Write an introductory chapter, briefly touching on some of the main topics about which you have already written.

7)  Write a closing chapter, giving your readers reminders about the practical things you have taught that they can go out and apply in their own lives.

8)  Proofread your ebook.  Have at least 2 other people read it, and take their suggestions seriously enough to read over what they question, but not seriously enough to rewrite significant portions of the book.  There has to be balance here. You see, you want a readable, easy to understand book with no grammar and spelling errors, but if you try to make the book all things to all people, you will never publish it.

9)  Go to Google Documents download it to a PDF for free.  

Now you have your first (or next) ebook!

Aaron Ellis – You Can Coach

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