In this video, I demonstrate writing an email, putting it in my aweber campaign, and submitting it to ezinearticles – all in 20 minutes.

You can do this as well – it will take some practice, get comfortable with where web buttons are, etc. – and the only way to get good and fast at it is with practice.

Remember that my first 10 months online I personally wrote and submitted an average of 150 articles per month – that’s 7 1/2 per day for 20 days a month, month in, month out.

I don’t say that to brag, only to say that perfection takes practice. Just like if you want to get good at golfing or skiiing or anything, you have to practice…so it is in your internet business.

Ok, enough from the video 🙂

Next few days: I am planning to write a few more emails and put them into the campaign….

Then I will launch into traffic generation –


Watch me write an email, put in my aweber campaign, and submit to ezinearticles…in one sitting:

(note: about 10 secs dead space at beginning of video)

Write Email, Put in Aweber Campaign, and Submit to Ezinearticles

Followup to 10 x 10 Matrix Instructions:

Follow Up to 10 x 10 Matrix


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