Personal Mentorship

Give you unprecedented unlimited access to me for 30 days to help you build your membership program, coaching program or online business.

Unlimited 1-1 telephone access

Talk with me personally, what you need when you need it . . . sometimes you’ll need 10 minutes, so we’ll talk for 10 minutes, sometimes you need 47 1/2 minutes, so we’ll talk for 47 1/2 minutes, and on our first call when we blueprint out your entire program, it might be 90 minutes.

Unlimited Email access

As much as you need – you can send me an email anytime, and I’ll either answer your question, guide you as you need, recommend we get on a phone call, send you a training that answers your question.

As soon as you’ve made your payment, I’m going to send you some questions so I can get a real feel for what you are going to launch. I will likely have some follow up questions.

Then we will set a 1-1 Blueprint time, for up to 90 minutes where I will Blueprint your coaching program and give you first steps.

You’ll then do those steps, then we’ll get back on the phone . . . as often as needed.

The goal is to 1) have your membership, coaching program or online business

launched and your first client in 30-Days

Personal Mentorship with Aaron