From Aaron Ellis: 23/08/2018 10.54am

You, Can Have A Complete Coaching Program In 25 Days… And An Extra Revenue Stream…

Do you want to start a coaching program, but you just don’t know how – or the exact know-how to write the lessons?

Are you frustrated because frankly, you get stuck when you open up a Word doc to start writing your lessons?

Or do you have a coaching program but you need more lesson to create content?

Here’s the thing, you aren’t alone, and writing your own coaching lessons is NOT EASY.

Here’s the thing, it’s easy to have a full coaching program in place, quickly, if you have – and use – my special 25-lessons.

These 25 coaching lessons will step by step teach you:

1) How to Outline and Blueprint Your Business
2) How to Develop Your Sales Funnel
3) How to Create Your Products
4) How to Find Traffic
5) How to Write Your Sales Letters
6) How to Write Emails
7) How to Create Youtube Videos and Create a Youtube Presence
8) How to Create Your Entire Info-Coaching Business

And Much, Much more . . .

In fact, it’s a total of 202 pages and over 50,000 words spread out over 25 lessons! With 20 Bonus Training Lessons

7 Step Quick Start Lessons

It’s an average of 2000 words a lesson . . . and each lesson has 4 parts . .. so you could do this training over 25 days or 100 days the choice is how much effort and time you can devote.

Every lesson is a cleanly formatted PDF for easy reading and maximum absorption

Here’s the thing, this is powerful training, it will change the way you create your coaching program, it will allow you to create the coaching program you have always wanted…


It’s power packed and goes deep. If YOU want to learn cutting edge online techniques YOU can learn from these lessons just to give yourself a deep online business education!

Now, here’s the thing, if you were to write these lessons yourself – and let’s say you type at 2000 words an hour – it would take you 25 hours alone just to write these lessons.

Yes, it has taken that long, longer in fact!

If you hired someone good to write these lessons, at say $100 an hour (a bargain for good coaching instruction), it would be $2,500 just to have someone write these lessons for you.

Or if you personally make, say $20 an hour at work, and you put 25 hours into writing these – you’d invest $500 of your own time into writing these, if you know the online world like I do.

But . . . I want to see your life changed

I want to teach you how to create your coaching business from scratch, I want to make this offer today a no-brainer.

So I could easily price this program at $500 – $2,500 and it would be a no-brainer.

But I want to make it easy for your to change your life and not let money be the limiting factor stopping you from getting started on your very own coaching business…

So, instead of $2,500
Instead of $500

You won’t even invest $100 today . . .

I’m running a very special, limited time online event where you get all 25 lessons + Bonus Training for a test price of just: